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The average fence cost in winnipeg is $38.16 per foot. That works out to $2289.60 for an average sized yard.

Cost to Fence a Yard in Winnipeg

Updated March 15, 2021

Mother nature is very tough on fences in Winnipeg. Moisture, strong winds as well as constant cycle of freezing and thawing ground can cause all sorts of problems. That is why it is very important, in Manitoba especially, to hire an experienced builder who knows how to construct a fence that will last.

Lets get into some prices. All price on this page are shown in CPF (cost per foot). CPF is a common way of expressing fence costs. All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Fence costs by type


TypeMin CPFMax CPF
chain link$18.80$23.62

Wood fence

A very popular fence type in many regions and for good reason. Wood fences offer privacy, security and they look good doing it.

Brown treated wood fence

Wood fence costs


TypeAverage CPF
brown treated$40.99

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There is almost a limitless number of styles options for wood fences. The boards that make up the fence can be situated in many different ways, which can make fences with identical material lists look wildly different. The part of a fences style that has the biggest effect on price is the material required. Really ornate designs that require a lot of detailed cuts are the exception, in that case the additional labour required will factor into a price.

Check out our article on fence costs in Canada for more information on the wood fence styles listed below.

Style costs


StyleCedar CPFBrown treated CPF
friendly neighbour$52.69$35.74
heavy dutyN/A$53.66

Chain link fences

Chain link fences are good when you need a barrier above all else. The are a little easier on the wallet than other fence styles. The reason for that being that they don't offer privacy without an additional cost and they are considered less attractive than wood fences. However, if you are fencing a large area or function is your main concern then this may be the right fence for you.

Black PVC chain link fence

Chain link fence costs


TypeAverage CPF
black pvc coated$23.62

More information about chain link fences can be found in the chain link fence costs section of our fences in Canada article.

FAQs about fences in winnipeg

The average fence cost in winnipeg is $38.16 per foot. For 60ft. that comes to $2289.60.

You can request a line locate online. Check out the Click Before You Dig site for more information about how line locates work in Winnipeg.

There is no legal requirement to give a neighbour the good side of a fence. As stated in this City of Winnipeg Fence brochure for more information.

In Winnipeg a permit is not required to build a fence. See the City of Winnipeg Fence brochure to learn more.

Doing it yourself

For the do-it-yourself builders, here are the average costs for the materials required to build a fence. You can also checkout our article on things you should know before you start a diy fence project.

Material costs by type


TypeMin CPFMax CPF
chain link$9.59$12.05

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